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Pratima Giridhar

Mrs. Pratima Giridhar is basically an Engineering Diploma holder in computer science.  Coming from a Traditional Hindu family, she was drawn to yoga at a very young age. She got herself trained at Yoga Shri in Hindu Seva Prathishtana(Banglore) aimed specifically for women & women related problems. She has completed her "Advanced Level Yoga" and a course in "Kundalini Yoga".  At Yoga Bharata, she has conducted therapy classes  for thyroid patients and has been quite successful at it. She did her "Teachers Training Program" under the direction of Sri Sudesh Chandra. She learnt "Pranayama Principles" in greater detail.  All her exposure for yoga was acquired over the years of dedication and hard work and was fine-tuned at "Yoga Indea"(now known as Indea Yoga) under the watchful eyes of Yogacharya Bharath Shetty. Presently, she is one of the senior most teacher at Yoga Bharata with the experience of more than 6 years.




I spent a month at Yoga Bharata taking the 8:30 Hatha class (Mysore Style) with Pratima and this month has completely changed my yoga practice and my whole approach to yoga.Thank you so much, Pratima, for all the help, patience and knowledge you gave me. Also the tips you gave me on how to put together my practice depending on how much time I have were really helpful. :)
I will definitely come back again.

- Nora Nagy

Yoga Bharata offers the best training for any beginner or serious practitioner: attention to detail and a strong foundation. Ms. Giridhar is an experienced teacher and gives amazing hands on instructions. This is my second time back and I look forward to several more months to strengthen my practice.

- Christophe

Clever approach of teaching yoga with steps and according to people. I learnt a lot of things that were never taught to me. The teacher has been very nice and listening. This is a great class, hard to find in India. Keep going this way! Many thanks

- Pauline Bougeat

This was an excellent experience, I can`t think of a way to improve it! Thank you, Prathima!

- Amber Donebauer

She is a fantastic teacher, one of the very best teachers I have had in a long time. I dont really have any suggestions at this point. Just a big thank you to Prathima. I have learned alot

- Sabin Shrestha

As a yoga instructor Who is about to embark on an intensive yoga retreat, I was overjoyed to be able to do some classes with Pratima as preperation for my retreat. She was so aware of my body and its limitations, my injuries and weaknesses. She has a sixth sense! Her classes are amazing. She is the best yoga teacher i have found in over 10 years of practice. If i could persuade her to come back to England with me, I would. Please continue to do as you are doing Pratima. you are an angel. Her corrections are amazing.Thank so much for your advice and attention. See you again soon

- Jamie Rayner

I was only able to do a one week yoga class but even during that short time I learned so much and I had a really great time. I definitely recommend Yoga Bharata and I am sure that I will come back to further improve my yoga practice.

- Christina Drescher

I spent a month at Bharata Yoga taking the 8:30 Hatha class (Mysore Style) with Pratima and this month has completely changed my yoga practice and my whole approach to yoga. After 3 years of practicing yoga by taking random classes here and there I finally have a daily practice which I don`t even need a teacher for. My strength and stamina have improved tremendously and yoga has become part of my daily routine (I am still practicing religiously even now that I left Mysore several weeks ago.) Thank you so much, Pratima, for all the help, patience and knowledge you gave me. Also the tips you gave me on how to put together my practice depending on how much time I have were really helpful. :)
I will definitely come back again.

- Nora Nagy

I have spent 9 weeks here now and got from a very painfull body all over to a person who start to feel life is actually quite nice. Pratima is very professional and taking good care of each students needs very well. Im so grateful i had a chance to have her as my teacher and will soon be back again. Peace and love.

- Lennart Andersson

Highly recommended school. Pratima is a brilliant teacher with great ethics. Beginners and advanced students will find her teachings very beneficial.

- Caroline Urbancic

Special experience doing a few weeks of morning classes at Yoga Bharata. No ego pandering from Pratima. Just a sincere intention to see you improve. Plain speaking clear instruction - based on years of dedicated practice with her teacher, Bharath Shetty. I thoroughly recommend.

- Derek McCallum

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Yoga Bharata [Abhyaasa Yoga Shala] offers its participants a chance to escape from the heave and buzz of everyday life, where people can leave behind the noise and enjoy the yogic way of life – which is a journey to re-connect with their inner selves through different types of yoga postures and Meditation

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