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Bhramari Pranayama

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Yoga Baratha

The Bhramari pranayama breathing technique derives its name from the black Indian bee called "Bhramari". Bhramari pranayama is effective in instantly calming down the mind. It is one of the best breathing exercises to free the mind of agitation, frustration or anxiety and get rid of anger to a great extent. A simple technique, it can be practiced anywhere - at work or home and is an instant option to de-stress yourself.


Technique: Sit in any comfortable meditation position with spine uplifted. Do natural breathing and bring the awareness to the breath. Gradually bring the awareness to the throat. Watch the breath there. Inhale a full yogic breath through both nostrils. Lift the arms and insert the index or middle fingers into the ear holes, or leave hands in Chin mudra. Exhale and make a humming sound, slowly increasing the volume and lengthening the exhalation. After a while, relax and recognize the resonance throughout the head and face. Humming should be smooth, even and continuous. Beginners 5-10 rounds.



  • It is a very effective breathing technique for people suffering from hypertension as it calms down the agitated mind.
  • Helpful for pregnancy.
  • Heals neuro-muscular injuries.
  • Helps with insomnia. Relieves mental tension and anxiety.
  • Helps to ease migraines.
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • Helps calm the mind in preparation for meditation.


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