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Pregnancy Yoga

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Yoga Baratha

Practicing yoga in pregnancy will improve sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, increases the strength. Yoga during pregnancy with proper precautions will also help you to stay active. Asanas help the body become flexible, Prananyama helps in breathing and relaxing the mind. Yoga also helps pregnant women recover faster post delivery.


Benefits of pregnancy yoga:

  • It helps in strengthening the arms,legs,hip,and back muscles.
  • It helps in focusing attention on whats going on within our body which inturn help in connecting with the baby.
  • Swelling will be decreased and immunity will be increased.
  • Preparation for labor.


Asanas to be avoided:

  • Listen to your body. If you are feeling discomfort, do stop.
  • Forward bending asanas.
  • Asanas which put pressure on your abdomen.


Asanas to be done in pregnancy:

Virabhadrasana - This posture strengthens the arms,legs,hip and back muscles. It also improves balance in the body.


Surya namaskara - It reduces blood pressure level, increases stamina. Strengthens the joints & muscles. Relieves back pain & inproves digestion.


Baddha konasana -  it strengthens palvic floor, stimulates abdominal organs & improves general circulation, It stretches inner thighs & knees. It also helps pregnant women to have smooth & easy delivery. 


Upavistha konasana -  it opens the hip & strengthens spine. It stretches the hamstring & inner thighs. It strengthens Palvic floor.


Paschimottanasana series (Padangustha dandasana,Urdva hastha dandasana,Janu sirshasana) - This series strengthen the legs,hip and back. It calms the mind. Overall it strengthens the mental and physical body.


Malasana - It opens the hips, stretches hamstrings, ankles, back & neck. Keeps the pelvic healthy & also improves the digestive tract. Is ideal for prenatal yoga.


Supta padangusthasana - It stretches the thighs, hips, groin & hamstrings. Strengthens abdominal muscles & reduces mental stress.


Jatara parivartanasana - It relieves the lower back pain , makes the lower back & hip flexible. Strengthens knees, ankles & toes. Ideal exercise in order to keep the pelvic region healthy.


Note: To be done under the guidance of a proper teacher.

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